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Countryside Class is a community organization inside Battambang Province, Cambodia, dedicated to developing Cambodia's future through educating and inspiring today's children. Our mission is to teach positive attitudes and values to children through teaching, reading, and community bonds, so that all Cambodian children will be educated and have good character and be able to lead their country and people forward to development.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

At the end of September, Theara Kao of Arrupe Center came to visit us at Countryside Class. Here's what she wrote after her visit:

"A great Friday morning to visit Countryside Class (Kompongsema Village, Battambang) created by two Cambodian young guys (our scholarship student) to teach English to children in their village, not to earn money for them self. We are so happy to see the big heart of them to share what they have with poor people and others. We proud of them because we are Cambodian!!!!!!!! When we have more people like this, HOW IS OUR COUNTRY GOING????? Thanks very much to your family that allowed them to do the good thing and all your friends to support behind. You are a great guys!!!!!! Wish you success always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR KUN CHRAN NAS (thank you very much!)"

Two of Arrupe's staff with the Meas brothers and their mom.

The Meas Brothers: Sambath (left) and Sambon (right)

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