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Countryside Class is a community organization inside Battambang Province, Cambodia, dedicated to developing Cambodia's future through educating and inspiring today's children. Our mission is to teach positive attitudes and values to children through teaching, reading, and community bonds, so that all Cambodian children will be educated and have good character and be able to lead their country and people forward to development.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sambath and Sambon chose to include the rabbit in the new logo because of the connotations rabbits receive in Cambodian folk lore. The rabbit is clever and thoughtful, able to see the whole situation and think critically, and it often serves as a mediator and problem solver. Since our first goal is to encourage community to think critically about foundational values and to have holistic mindsets when approaching challenges, they thought the rabbit would be a good model.

Here is one such folk tale about the rabbit:

The Tiger and the Monk

In the past there lived a monk in the forests of Cambodia. One day he was walking in the forest, when he saw a tiger. The tiger way lying on the ground near a hole. When the monk examined the tiger, he was shocked. It was dead. there must be a dangerous snake in the hole, the monk thought. It has killed my friend, the tiger.

The monk found some medicine, which he collected from the forest, and put it on the tiger's skin. Suddenly the tiger opened its eyes. The monk was very happy, but when the tiger saw the monk, he was very angry. 'Why can't you let me sleep?' he asked. 'My friend, you weren't sleeping, you were dead!' explained the monk. 'Dead! Do I look dead?' asked the tiger. 'No but you were trying to kill me and now I'm going to kill you.' I was trying to help you, not kill you,' explained the monk. But the tiger didn't listen.

'Look,' said the monk. 'Here are my friends.' The tiger looked and there was a cow, a horse, and a rabbit. 'Did you hear our quarrel?' the tiger asked. 'Oh, yes, Mr. Tiger,' came their reply. 'Then who's right?' the tiger asked again. 'You are, Mr. Tiger,' replied the cow and the horse, who were very frightened of the tiger. But the rabbit said, 'Mr. Tiger, first I must know what happened. Do you have a good memory?' 'Of course I do. It's very good,' replied the tiger. 'Then please show me the exact place where you like to sleep.' The tiger went and lay down by the snake's hole. Suddenly a huge snake came out and killed the tiger.

The monk was shocked. 'Look what's happened,' he said. 'I must go and help the tiger.' 'Wait a minute,' said the rabbit. 'Please listen to me. In my opinion you're a good man, but I know this tiger well. He's a harmful character. He isn't reasonable. If you help him, he'll kill you.' 'You're right, my friend,' said the monk. 'I can't help the tiger. The risk is too great, but I will pray for him.'

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